Xiaomi India offers discounts in exchange for recycling your old electronics


Xiaomi has taken a step to combat e-waste showing that it cares for the environment. It has introduced a recycling program in India under which the company will take back the e-waste and recycle them for a greener tomorrow.

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The program adheres to the E-waste Management Rules of 2016 issued by the country’s Ministry of Environment and Forest. The e-waste management solutions for this recycling program are currently offered by TES-AMM India.

Under the Xiaomi India’s recycling program, the company will accept electronic items such as power banks, smartphones, mobiles, headphones, speakers, etc. that are discarded as e-waste by the users. When a gadget or device reaches the end of its life, the company will take the same and recycle it. Those products that are damaged or faulty will not be recycled and the program will not support the same.

Furthermore, the company will also offer you a discount coupon worth Rs. 100 within 14 days. This coupon can be used on the Mi.com store to buy accessories and the minimum purchase value is Rs. 1,000.

By Baishakhi Dutta