Xiaomi Launches HiFi Hybrid Earphones in China: Report

  • Xiaomi is calling these headphones as a flagship offering
  • The earphones come with four drivers and works in both wired and wireless mode
Xiaomi HiFi hybrid earphones

Xiaomi has launched a new pair of premium wireless earphones called HiFi Hybrid in China according to a report by GizmoChina. The company has priced the newly launched earphones at RMB 999 (approximately Rs 10,000). It has already made the headphones available for pre-order on its website and it will go on sale from 11th November.

According to the report, the earphones come with HiRes audio MMCX gold-plated connectors with thick coatings. The company claims the earphones can support up to four times more connections and disconnections. The connectors can also be replaced easily if it breaks down says Xiaomi.

Xiaomi says the earphones come equipped with four drivers, two being dynamic driver units and other two balanced armature units. The drivers use a silicon layer for the bass while the treble uses a titanium composite inside the diaphragm says the report. The sound chamber is made of Zirconia.

The headphones can work both in wireless and wired mode. It can be used with a cable and through a Bluetooth controller. In wireless mode, the earphones can be plugged into a Bluetooth Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) amplifier, which supports LDAC, Hi-Res SBC and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). In wired mode, it can be used with a 3.5mm or USB Type-C cable.