Dear Man Hold the Pan: Wonderchef’s New Marketing Campaign

  • Wonderchef also ran an influencer marketing campaign around gender equality
  • The company retails cookware and kitchen appliances in India
Wonderchef Hold the Pan Campaign (Pic Still – Wonderchef)

Wonderchef’s new marketing campaign is based around the average times that a woman spends inside the kitchen. Conceputalised with an agency named Social Beat, the company has released this video on different channels.

“To truly achieve gender equality, all gender roles must be revisited and revised to benefit both genders. Cooking is a basic life skill and not a gender-centric responsibility. It’s high time that in the new social paradigm each one of us realize this. This conversation is important, but often ignored,” informed Ravi Saxena, Managing Director of Wonderchef.

Wonderchef also ran an influencer marketing campaign in which over 75 celebrities and lifestyle influencers supported the cause with the hashtag I Held the Pan. Some of the influencers that were a part of the campaign include Aly Goni, Swapnil Joshi, Harshavardhan Rane, Jay Bhanushali and Rohit Khandewal. It is to be noted here that Wonderchef retails cookware and kitchen appliances in India.

Over two million combined views

The video is currently being played on FaceBook and Instagram and has reached over two million combined views. “Wonderchef has indeed been able to send out the message it desired about gender equality in kitchen, to the universe. The social experiment continues unabated in our exclusive outlets across India. We will not let this flame die!” he added” added Ravi Saxena.

This latest video comprises conversations with various men and women based on their real-life experiences regarding the roles they play in their kitchen. The challenge, as per the company, was how to engage the men to begin conversing about this issue. The brand decided to take this cause up, to spread awareness and engage both genders in understanding the situation, in a light format.

“The idea was to see what men felt about the status of gender equality in India and their own endeavors in the kitchen. A short, engaging quiz was created for the same. It was relayed to men of varied ages and backgrounds, to have a representative sample. The core message of the campaign was captured into the phrase: Dear Man Hold the Pan,” noted Suneil Chawla, CEO, Social Beat.