Mitsubishi Announces The Launch Of Energy Saving Room Air Conditioners


Mitsubishi announced their room air conditioner series that comes with a 5-year PCB warranty and 10-year Compressor warranty under the inverter and non-inverter categories.

Mitsubishi launches an energy saving air room conditioner (RAC) product range that comes with a 5-year PCB warranty and 10-year Compressor warranty. It provides powerful and advanced multistage air filters, which, according to the firm, prevent viruses, bacteria, Molds, allergens, dust & PM2.5 to give you clean and healthy air. As the company puts it, it is a high-performance air Purifying device which can even be installed on existing units, contributing to a better air quality in your room.

Mitsubishi expanded its RAC lineup by launching Japan’s most popular Kirigamine Series as a 4 Star Inverter(MSY-RJS)in India. Apart from the common features of RAC product range, it comes with Dual Barrier Coating that prevents dust and greasy dirt from getting into the Air Conditioner Which makes its maintenance easier, and Blue Fin for outdoor condenser, which protects the condenser against corrosion from air, water, and other corrosives.

The MSY-JS series of room air conditioners are also 4-star inverter ACs, but very economical. It has a long Airflow up to 12m suitable for living rooms, PM2.5 Filter, Auto Up Down & L-R vane providing a comfortable environment.

The MS-GS Series of RACs are non-inverter ACs with advanced tropical technology in compressors which have made it possible for Air Conditioners to operate at outside air temperatures as high as 50°C. The series also provides High CFM which helps in faster cooling, and anti-corrosion coating on AC coil bends helps in preventing leakage of refrigerant from the ACs and PM2.5 filter that provides clean air inside the room.

The MS-GS Series and MSY-JS Series will be available for purchase at exclusive showrooms-Hiroba, Cooling Planet and authorized Channel Partners.