Crompton Greaves Introduces Five-star Rated Water Heaters in India

  • The company informed that it is offering free installation on select water heater models
  • Crompton Greaves is trying to focus on varied set of audiences from millennials to young couples and homemakers, among others

Crompton Greaves has announced the launch of a new range of water heaters in India. The company informed that these new water heaters feature magnesium anode rod glass line enamel incoloy element.

“While everyone looks for the aestheticism in what they buy, the core decision lies in the functionality of the product; and in the case of water heaters, it is how stable, reliable and durable it is that can last for a good amount of time. Crompton bases every innovation on what the consumer needs and when one starts to feel the chills of the upcoming winter season, we hope to make their life more comfortable, easy and a little perfect,” noted Sachin Phartiyal, vice president, Appliance Business, Crompton Greaves.

BEE five-star ratings

The company informed it will also be retailing this new range of water heaters in five-star rated options. Star ratings are given by BEE (Bureau of energy efficiency) based on the amount of electricity an appliance consumes.

“Crompton’s new range of high performance water heaters have been crafted to perfection that carries out a superior performance in every condition. It ensures smart energy management making it extra safe with its high sensitivity capillary and high precision thermostat,” read Crompton’s official statement.

Crompton noted that the advanced glass line tank protects these against hard-water. These also come equipped with blue glass line enamel incoloy element and magnesium anode rod.

“Reinventing itself to appeal to the preferences of young consumers, Crompton has brought about a slew of consumer-focused innovations with best-in-class aesthetics. There has also been an increasing focus on digital and social media in order to attract varied set of audiences from millennials to young couples and homemakers, among others,” read Crompton’s official statement.