Krutan Re-launches Some of its Electric Kettle Models in India

  • Some brands are offering electric kettles in lower prices than Krutan
  • Krutan is aiming to retail its products in all parts of India
Krutan Electric Kettle

Karnataka headquartered home appliances company Krutan has re-launched an electric kettle model for a price of Rs 799 in India. The compnay, apart from offline sales channel, is also retailing the same through Amazon’s e-commerce portal.

It is to be noted here that the compnay had recently launched a brand awareness campaign in India. Under this campaign, Krutan had showacsed an all new logo. Krutan, till very recently, has been aggressively expanding in South India.

B G Krupa, founder, Krutan, had told a leading dili that Krutan’s aim was to provide quality home appliances at affordable prices to everybody who had considered new-age home appliances to be a luxury. Krutan is also aiming to retail its products in all parts of India.

1.8 litre capacity

Krutan says that the capacity of this electric kettle is 1.8 litres. It takes a few minutes to heat the water and keep it warm for even longer time. The company also shared that the kettle can also be used to cook and boil food items like noodles and pasta.

The company has given this electric kettle an stainless steel finish with matte black touches at the top and bottom of the body. Interestingly, there are a lot of companies selling electric kettles in similar and lower prices in India. Kent is retailing an electric kettle for Rs 1,299 on Amazon. Similarly, Prestige is selling one for a price of Rs 740 on the same e-commerce portal. The likes of iBell and Pigeon are retailing some models of electric kettles in lesser prices than Krutan electric kettles.