Personal Care Appliances Category Growing Exponentially in India: Royal Philips

  • Philips had recently launched a trimmer for men in the personal care consumer appliances segment
  • The company has Alia Bhatt as its brand ambassador in India

Royal Philips has announced the launch of hair straightening brush BHH880 in India. The company has priced this latest hair straightening brush for women at a price of Rs 3,495. However Flipkart is currently retailing the same for Rs 2,999. Philips is also retailing this hair straightening brush using its offline network in the country.

Straightening brush for women (Pic Source – Royal Philips)

“Recently, we launched OneBlade for men, to overwhelming response. Now, we bring the new Philips Hair Straightening Brush, for the modern Indian Woman. It is an innovation rooted in the insight that all Indian women desire great looking hair everyday & nearly everyone struggles for time required to get that perfect look. Prior to launch, the product was given to women across metro cities and 96 per cent of them absolutely loved it. I am extremely confident that in this product, we have another heart-winning proposition,” said, Gulbahar Taurani, president, Personal Health, Philips Indian subcontinent.

Hair care personal consumer appliances market in India

Interestingly, the personal care appliances revolving around hair care is witnessing good growth here. A recent report by Global Market Insights said that the hair care personal care appliances market will be worth more than 2400 million dollars by 2025.

The report read, “A major factor hindering the personal care electrical appliances market is the presence of low-cost and non-electric competitive products used for similar purposes. The non-electric products are available at a comparatively lower cost for hair care and hair removal purposes, attracting the consumers with low purchasing capacities thus restricting them to purchase the electronic options.”

“Personal grooming category in India is growing exponentially. At Philips, our focus is to continuously bring innovative products in this space for both men and women. Each one of our products are created based on deep consumer insight and addresses specific need gaps,” added Gulbahar Taurani.

Two temperature settings

Equipped with multiple features – broad paddle brush, triple bristle design, the company said it can be used on towel dried hair. It comes with two temperature settings – 170 degrees and 200 degrees suited for all hair types and textures. It takes 50 seconds to heat up.

Company’s official statement read, “True to its promise of making products that make life better, Philips has created this innovative brush with keratin-infused ceramic-coated bristles that are heated. It is a first-of-its-kind brush with KeraShine technology that not just gives straight hair on the go but also nourishes and minimizes heat damage. It comes with a non-heated bristle tips to protect the scalp from heat, should a user accidentally touch the brush to it.”

Speaking about the product, Alia Bhatt, brand ambassador for Philips Beauty range, said, “Sometimes our hectic lifestyles come in the way of taking care of ourselves. But with the Philips hair straightening brush, you can turn every day into a great hair day. It’s easy to use and for that perfect look, on the go!”