Exclusive: Aero unveils 176-inch Smart LED TV in India


The company claims that despite being  one of the largest televisions in the world, Aeroscape can be wall-mounted easily with the help of a floor stand

Pic source – Aero Team

Aero has announced Aeroscape TV at a price of Rs 1,50,00000 (15 million) in India. The biggest LED TV in the world, before the entry of Aeroscape (176-inch), was a 105-inch TV (266 cm) from the stables of LG.

Akash Tyagi, Head of Marketing, Aero, told EFY, “We want consumers to enjoy their quality time on an experience which is as out of the world as this. Not only is Aeroscape a smart TV, it is also technologically way ahead than a lot of other brands. Aero wants to serve consumers in India with seamless home entertainment experience.”

Interestingly, the biggest LED TVs available on different e-commerce portals in India at the moment are no bigger than 100 inches (254 cm). Many of the biggest TV companies, are also not offering TVs beyond 105 inches in any market in the world.

Akash added, “Aeroscape is a perfect TV not only for your home but also for hotel lobbies, hospital receptions and corporate meeting rooms. We aspire our consumer’s experience to be in the most rewarding & enriching way possible. Our motto is to deliver superb experiences by connecting the dots and Aerospace does that perfectly.”

Aeroscape 176-inch TV features

Akash told EFY that the Aeroscape’s high colour gamut ensures best colour restoration and its modular panels can be tiled to create a wide viewing angle. It is based on Android and comes with in-house Bose Audio.

The company says that Aeroscape is available in wall-mount models and can be installed in homes in less than four hours. Company’s website mentions, “Aeroscape enjoys the advantages of high efficiency, reproducibility and high colour gamut, seamless matching along with Aero-Unilumin exclusive screen correction technology and wide viewing angle.”

Akash added, “One of the key highlights of Aeroscape is its easy module replacement. It requires only three second for our service engineers to replace the module. All the maintenance work in the TV can be carried out from the front part itself. Once wall-mounted, a user will not need to take it out for any maintenance requirements.”

The mammoth 176-inch screen facilitates an aspect ratio of 18:9. Display panel used on the TV offers an astonishing full HD resolution and up to an implausible 170-degree viewing angle.