Planet Intelligent Launches ExMedicus, World’s First Health Smartwatch


ExMedicus smartwatch detects heart disorders, gives feedback during workouts and sends the data to the ExMedicus mobile application

ExMedicus Health Smartwatch
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Planet Intelligent, a digital health firm has launched ExMedicus Smartwatch that claims to be the world’s first smartwatch equipped with biometric technology that monitors health, heart health and physical wellness. The smart wristwatch has integrated PPG, ECG, PWTT and 512 Hz real medical raw data that it translates to meaningful and comprehensive insights. It can detect fatal cardiovascular conditions by providing data on the pulse, blood pressure, heart rate variability and electrocardiogram waveform with the physiological analytics

Uses of ExMedicus smartwatch

It is considered ideal for improving the standards of detecting strokes, breathing problems and other heart-related issues. It monitors the heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, sleep-duration and quality, resting heart rate, activity, exercise, steps, active calorie burn, stress and fatigue. It also gives feedback while a user is exercising. All the data is sent to the ExMedicus mobile app that can be accessed by any Android or iPhone user. One can download the heart report from the app itself.

It notifies and gives early warnings to the user about a possible stroke or breathing issue, thereby letting the user take precautions.

Biometric chip technology

Planet Intelligent has equipped the smartwatch with the latest biometric chip technology that enables detection of abnormal heartbeats. This, in turn, can prevent strokes. It sends heart rates every 60 minutes to the ExMedicus app on the user’s phone.