Samsung Introduces Galaxy Tab Active 2 Tablet in India


The brand claims that Galaxy Tab Active 2 is expected to have a three years longer product life-cycle than non-rugged tablets

Samsung has launched its latest rugged tablet Galaxy Tab Active 2 in India. The brand claims that defense grade knox security platform on the new tablet helps keep sensitive information safe against malware and hackers, while biometric authentication allows secured access of information.

Sukesh Jain, senior vice president, IT and mobile enterprise business, Samsung India, said, “The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 addresses many rugged demands and provides a sturdy device that is easy to manage from an IT perspective, and deliver features and accessories specifically designed to improve mobile workflows beyond the scope of typical office use.”

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2, as per the brand, will be available in India from mid-March 2019 at a price of Rs 50,990.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 features

The brand claims that MIL-STD-810G military-grade and IP-68 certification allows the device to withstand 21 elements such as salt fog, settling dust, blowing dust, icing, blowing rain, dripping rain, immersion, humidity, vibration, ballistic shock, transit drop, low-temperature storage, low-temperature operation, high-temperature storage (constant), high-temperature storage (cyclic), high-temperature operation (constant), high-temperature operation (cyclic), temperature shock, temperature, humidity, vibration, altitude, low-pressure storage, and low-pressure operation.

It comes equipped with a 4450 mAh battery. Samsung will also be shipping an anti-shock cover with the tablet.An in-built pogo pin allows it to be connected with a laptop or keyboard. The list of sensors equipped on the tablet include NFC, Bluetooth, accelerometer, light proximity, gyroscope, geomagnetic, fingerprint, and facial recognition.

An official statement released by the brand read, “The ruggedized Tablet – Galaxy Tab Active 2 is expected to have a longer product life-cycle of more than 3 years than non-rugged tablets. While the non-rugged tablet has a defect rate of 30% during the first year of usage, the rugged tablet has a proven defect rate of only four percent, which makes the cost of ownership and maintenance lower for the rugged tablets.”