Syska Launches Wired Earphones in India


The likes of Philips, Samsung and Sony are retailing wired earphones at much lower prices than Syska

Syska Accessories has announced the launch of Syska Ultrabass HE2000 earphones in India. The company is retailing these at a price of Rs 899 in the country.

Commenting on the launch of the Syska Ultrabass earphones, Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Syska Group said, “Our millennial consumers and music lovers look for audio devices that give them a superior music experience at competitive prices. At Syska, we believe in bringing innovative products that would make a positive impact on the mobile accessories market in India. That said, it gives me immense pleasure to launch the Syska Ultrabass earphones that are designed to provide comfort while listening, is convenient in carrying and is aesthetically appealing.”

It is to be noted here that Syska, after Samsung, is the second company to mention the millenial generation in all of its product launches in the country. Interestingly, India’s population share has a majority of millennials.


The company said that it is retailing these wired earphones at a price of Rs 899 through e-commerce portals in India. A lot of companies are offering wired earphones in much lower prices that that.

Boat is offering wired earphones at a price of Rs 599 on a popular e-commerce portal in India, while JBL is offering one for Rs 799 on the same portal. The likes of Philips, Samsung and Sony are also retailing wired earphones at much lower prices than Syska.

Syska Ultrabass HE2000 earphone features

Syska Ultrabass HE2000 earphones come with built-in microphone. The earphones have a multi-functional button which can play, pause, volume control, track speed as well as answer calls. Syska Ultrabass earphones also come with a 1.2 m anti-winding TPE Flat cable.

Company’s official statement read, “As the earphones are compatible with all devices, consumers can plug in these earphones in all types of mobile, Laptop, Gaming & Music devices. The metal earbuds of Ultrabass earphones are very comfortable, are available in all ear sizes and also provide dynamic bass sound for music and captivating noise-free experience during calls.”