Canon’s Focus on Market Engineering in India

  • The imaging company has setup a Canon Technical Excellence Centre (C-TEC) in Delhi NCR
  • Canon’s newest facility provides training and learning to its engineers and channel partners

Canon India has shared its plans to further augment its expertise in the customer service domain. Referred to as market engineering at Canon, the service framework forms a key pillar to the company’s growth strategy in the country.

“In line with our philosophy of ‘Delighting You Always’, Market Engineering at Canon India is a strategic enabler, through which we aim to offer a robust service infrastructure to the customers. This is being done by developing a 24X7 workforce of hybrid engineers along with offering critical services such as predictive maintenance and re-engineering,”said Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India.

Canon Technical Excellence Center

Network of 185 Partners

Currently, in B2B space, the company has more than 280 direct staff operating out of more than 40 locations through which it provides service and support to corporate and professional customers. In addition, Canon India has a network of 185 Partners extending support to 1000+ locations.

“With an extensive Market Engineering framework, we are constantly catering to our entire range of B2C and B2B products across the country. While we have been successfully managing the service queries of our B2C customers either in-stores or via collection centres, we have also unleashed our core expertise of on-site and predictive maintenance to seamlessly manage the uptime of our MIFs for our B2B customers. Going forward, we endeavour to further expand our service network across the country, thereby facilitating in retaining current customers along with driving new business acquisitions across various industry sectors,”added Rahul Goel, director, Market Engineering, Canon India.

Canon technical excellence centre (C-TEC) set up in Noida, Delhi NCR

The company has also setup a Canon technical excellence centre (C-TEC) in Noida. Caoon said that this centre will serve as the building block for the company with respect to attaining service excellence.

Company’s official statement read, “The establishment of C-TEC is a strategic initiative as part of Market Engineering domain and is in line with the brand’s attempt and commitment towards offering quality services across both B2B and B2C businesses. In addition to this, C-TEC also serves as the learning and training hub for customer service specialists who are known as hybrid engineers and are thoroughly trained to drive service excellence for the brand, along with ensuring customer delight.”