LG is Organising a Six Days EMI Shopping Mela in a Telangana District

  • LG, in collaboration with Bajaj Finance, is retailing its AI range of consumer electronics
  • The offers are valid for people living within 15 KM radius of Miryalaguda town
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LG Electronics is showcasing its latest range of AI enabled consumer electronics range at a mela in Telangana’s Miryalaguda district. The company, apart from selling its consumer electronics through cash bills, is also promoting sales through EMI bills there.

Y Santhosh Kumar, LG

Y Santhosh Kumar, LG Brand Shopee Manager, told Electronics For You, “We want everyone in and around Miryalaguda to experience use of AI in consumer electronics first hand. This mela is organized so that we can also make purchasing AI based consumer electronics from LG easy for people here.”

He also said that the mela is drawing good attention from the locals. Santhosh said that he is positive about the outcome of this event that started yesterday. Interestingly, we had recently done a story where we had mentioned how consumer electronics companies can create win-win for rural consumers as well as themselves in India. (Story link here)

Free coupons to people visiting mela

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LG, as told by Santhosh, is also giving away free coupons to people visiting this event. Santhosh said the the activity is increasing engagement from the locals. He said, “We have also put up one of LG’s home theatre up for grabs at the event. Everyday one lucky winner will walk home with a free home theatre system.”

Bhaskar Rao, MLA from Miryalaguda and Gutha Sukender Reddy, former ML were the duo who inaugurated this event yesterday. It is to be noted here that Bajaj has announced zero per cent interest loans on specific tenures for people buying consumer electronics from this LG event.

Interestingly, even after the event ends this Saturday, locals from Miryalaguda district and rural areas near this district will know where to source LG consumer electronics on EMIs from!