Nikon Now has Three Experience Centres in India

  • The first Nikon experience zone was opened in Ahmednagar last month
  • Sony and Canon also opened first camera experience zones last month
Opening of Nikon Camera Experience Zone in Surat

Nikon has opened two more experience zones in last five days in the country. Located one each in Surat and Chennai, the company, with these experience zones, is aiming to reach out to different parts of India in order to provide touch and try experience of products to its customers tto enables them to make unbiased purchase decisions.

Sajjan Kumar, MD, Nikon India, at the opening of experience zone in Surat said, “The new experience zone in city of Surat will provide a holistic experience to our customers, who can leverage the beauty of the city through breathtaking Tapti River banks and the beautiful silk weaving culture through their lens. With this new zone, our aim is to ensure a seamless sales point and wish to extend our reach to every photographer in the country and make sure that Nikon helps in converting dreams into reality.”

Interestingly, Nikon has taken the tally of experience zones to a total of three within a months time in India. Its three experience zones are located on each in Ahmednagar, Surat and Chennai.

Sony, Canon and Nikon opened first experience stores last month

It is to be noted here that the three biggies in the digital cameras market in India, have opened their first experience store in the country last month. Sony was the first one to announce the opening of a camera experience zone among the three.

Sajjan Kumar, MD, Nikon India, during the opening of first experience store had said, “We are delighted to open the first ever Nikon Experience Zone in Ahmednagar. Maharashtra have been an important market for us, Ahmednagar is a picturesque land which is endowed with scenic landscape beauty and historical background. The new zone underscores our commitment to ensure a hassle-free sales point as the city witness’s good number of photographers. We aim to extend our reach to every photographer in the region and ensure Nikon helps in converting dreams into reality.”

Camera market stats

A recent report by CIPA mentions that against a total of 1,867,875 cameras shipped during January 2017, only a total of 1,001,398 cameras were shipped in January 2019. The stats for Feburary and March 2019 are not that promising as well.

It is also interesting that these three companies had opened their first experience stores in different zones from each other. While Canon opened its first one in Delhi, Nikon opened one in Mumbai and Sony in Bangalore.