Realme CEO Madhav Sheth Hints Towards Hiking Realme Smartphones Prices


The series of tweets made by Realme CEO looks aimed towards fueling Realme smartphone sales during the festive season

Owing to the increasing gap between Dollar and Indian Rupee, Realme CEO Madhav Sheth has hinted towards increasing Realme smartphone prices in India.

Madhav Sheth, took on Twitter to post, “The rupee rates are falling and as a brand we actually work on low margins. It indicates that we might have to upgrade the pricing, just to make sure that we continue to give you the best technology in our upcoming offerings. We are trying to figure out a solution post Diwali.”

‘Real’ or just a strategy to fuel Realme smartphone sales?

The tweet made by Mr Seth has not clarified whether there would be a actual price rise on Realme smartphones or not. He has clearly mentioned that the Realme smartphones team will be working long hours during this Diwali to bring products at best prices.

Another tweet by Madhav Sheth said, “Traffic is increasing, pollution is increasing and so are the global prices against the rupee. It’s going to be long working days this Diwali for us as we try our best to bring the same Power and Style to you at best prices. Hope Diwali brings cheer to the rupee.”

However, this might be a strategy to fuel Realme smartphone sales during this festive season in India. Realme is better known for offering feature rich smartphones at competitive prices.

Just after the tweets indicating a possible price increase, Mr Seth has posted few another tweets reminding consumers about the Realme smartphones sale on a popular e-commerce portal in India. He has clearly mentioned that the sales would give an ‘opportunity’ to customers to buy Realme smartphones at ‘best prices’ for the last two days.

The series of tweets made after 1 November 2018 have either mentioned about Realme smartphones, their availability or have hinted towards a possible price hike. It looks planned thoroughly for encouraging customers about buying Realme smartphone prices on pretext of a possibility of price hike immediately after Diwali. However, only time will be able to tell whether the prices will be increased or not.

It will none-the-less create a win-win situation for the smartphone manufacturer in both the cases. The news of Realme smartphones getting a price hike will drive customers in buying them before the same happens, and if Realme announces that the price of its smartphone range will not be increased then it will create more trust for the brand in minds of customers.

Even if the price is hiked we anticipate them not to be enough to make a ‘real’ difference.

Realme smartphones in India

Realme currently offers Realme 2 Pro, Realme C1, Realme 2 and Realme 1 smartphones in India. Realme 2 Pro, company’s most expensive smartphone costs around Rs 16,990 in India whereas Realme C1 is priced at Rs 8,999. These phones are currently available on a leading e-commerce portal at discounted prices.

Realme has also tied up with Reliance digital and My Jio to drive smartphone sales through offline channels.