Wistron to Set Up Third Manufacturing Unit in Bengaluru


Wistron plans to expand its medical equipment business by collaborating with the local brands to understand the consumer needs of India

Wistron Robotic Exoskeleton
(Image Courtesy – odtmag.com)

China-based design manufacturer, Wistron has announced to build its third electronics manufacturing unit in India to boost its healthcare sector. It has acquired land in Bengaluru to set up the factory with an investment of 1.48 billion rupees to cater to its medical and service businesses.

Earlier, Robert Huang, CEO, Winstron, said that the strategy was to partner with local companies in India to bring out products and services that best suit the Indian market. The company, with its expertise in production management and software development capabilities to create cloud computing, smart manufacturing and healthcare solutions, is planning to ramp up its network in the country.

Wistron medical equipment

The design major recently showcased two of its innovative medical equipment – a wearable robotic exoskeleton and the artificial intelligence assistance system for hemodialysis. The former is to assist in the user’s mobility by detecting problems in the hip and joints while the latter is an intelligent system that can predict intradialytic hypotension in chronic hemodialysis. Wistron had applied machine learning algorithms to develop the intelligent early warning system. The company’s focus is to combine technology in its medical segment and plans to make the expensive medical devices affordable for the public.

Wistron portfolio

Wistron has two manufacturing facilities in Bengaluru that makes iPhones. The brand is spanned across Taiwan, China, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, Mexico and the US that manufactures tablets, notebook computers, PCs, servers, LCD monitors and TVs on a contractual basis.

It reported a cumulative net income increase by 22.44 per cent to $2.79 billion with earnings per share of $1 in the first three-quarters of the current fiscal. The company said that its performance was doing better than expected for the July-September quarter. Wistron expects to grow its iPhone shipments and service business with the increasing data traffic.