Honeywell is Entering the Professional Speakers Market in India


The company is organising an event to announce the same during the third week of April 2019. Global pro-speakers market is expected to reach around $2 billion by 2024

Pic Source – YouTube

Honeywell, known as an air-purifiers brand in the country, is planning to enter the professional speakers market in India. The company’s YouTube handle was recently uploaded with a video that shows all the speakers that Honeywell may launch in the country.

The company has also started out rolling media invites for announcing its entry into the professional sound segment. Honeywell’s official statement read, “Honeywell is now all set to enter the professional sound category with ‘Honeywell ProSound’ through a range of speakers to enhance listening experience of audience in the entertainment segment. The series is a perfect adjacency to our current PAVA business offering solutions to new verticals like hospitality, entertainment zones, clubs, amphitheaters, and auditoriums.”

A report by Arizton Advisory and Intelligence had said that the global pro speakers market is expected to reach around $2 billion, growing at a CAGR approximately three per cent during 2018−2024. The report read, “Application of IoT, AR, and voice control and recognition technology is transforming the future of the pro speakers market.”

Targeting business houses?

The official statement issued by the company mentions that Honeywell ProSound series to verticals including hospitality, entertainment zones, clubs, amphitheaters, and auditoriums. It seems as if the compnay will be targeting high-end music recoridng stations, Radio FM offices, Professional music artists, media houses etc with their new range of professional speakers.

Arizton’s report read, “Corporate sector has emerged as the most significant end-user in the pro audio market. With an increase in the competition, the corporate industry and institutions are increasingly adopting AV equipment to ease and manage the workflow at workplaces. Nowadays, the implementation of sound reinforcement equipment and video conferencing systems in the corporate sector has become a necessity. Therefore, vendors are introducing a new range of products, which are in-lined with the current requirement.”

Honeywell’s consumer electronic’s product portfolio in India includes home air-purifiers, commercial air-purifiers, car air-purifiers and electrical switches amongst others. It is to be noted here that Honeywell will be facing the likes of Yamaha, Presonus and JBL, once its professional speakers are launched in the country. Professional speakers from renowned brands generally start from a price tag of Rs 12,000.