Screens Over 75-inch Fastest Growing Segment in the Market: Samsung America

  • Samsung Electronics is showcasing its upcoming range of smart TVs at the CES 2020
  • The company is working with partners like YouTube to create pathways for streaming native 8K content

Samsung Electronics has introduced its next-generation QLED 8K line at CES (consumer electronics show) 2020 in Las Vegas. The company informed that these new TVs leverage the power of enhanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to improve audio, video and smart capabilities.

“8K resolution has the potential to transform our industry. Screens over 75-inch (190.5 cm) are the fastest growing segment in the market, and that segment is where 8K resolution matters the most,” said Joe Stinziano, Head of Consumer Electronics Business at Samsung Electronics America.

Samsun QLED 2020 8K TVs

Screen-to-body ratio of nearly 99 per cent

The Q950 Samsung TV, as informed by the company, eliminates the bezel around the display to create a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 99 per cent, the largest in the market. In addition, the Q950 is 15 millimeters thin across the entire display.

“Our 2020 8K lineup demonstrates the power of this potential. Its unprecedented immersive capabilities and unparalleled smart features empower consumers to pursue their passions more simply and more comprehensively than ever before,” added Joe Stinziano.

Samsung’s QLED 8K lineup is among the first in the industry to support the playback of native 8K content. In 2020, consumers will be able to stream AV1 codec videos filmed in 8K on QLED 8K TVs. All Samsung TVs in the 2020 8K line will ship with this capability built-in.

Building out the 8K ecosystem

Samsung infomred that it is working with partners like YouTube to create pathways for streaming native 8K content. “In addition to building out the 8K ecosystem across the industry, the QLED 8K lineup helps consumers to experience the power of 8K resolution even when they are watching lower resolution content. Based on powerful Samsung semiconductor technology, the Q950’s next-generation Quantum Processor 8K features improved AI upscaling capabilities that use machine learning to analyze and identify the characteristics of individual pixels. It then restores different elements of the image to create a pristine 8K picture, regardless of the content source,” read Samsung’s official statement.

“The Q950 also leverages the power of AI to ensure that nothing distracts viewers from their content. While traditional TV sensors can only adjust screen brightness based on the ambient light within the room, Adaptive Picture accounts for the distribution of light within the particular scene, ensuring that the TV can maintain a clear picture in bright rooms while still maintaining contrast,” it continued.