Innovative gym gears for a smart workout


Gym accessories have seen some of the most innovative upgrades in the last few years. Fitness trackers are quite popular, but do you know there are more interesting gears—like a fluid container that tells whether you are hydrated enough, or a gadget that can measure your muscle-to-fat ratio? Here are some of the most interesting gym gears that can prove to be super-beneficial.

Work out freely with wireless earbuds
Jabra Elite Sport is great for turning up the tunes without wires. Jabra puts great focus on the antenna and signal reception to remove the challenges of Bluetooth headset in sound reception. It maintains the original audio quality and delivers impactful sound output with powerful bass, clear treble and all nuances well distinguished. Ear-buds are quite light and fit perfectly. The device is made of waterproof material and comes with 3-year warranty against sweat damage.

Jabra Elite Sport

An assistive mobile application called Hear Through lets surrounding sound filter in to make you aware of your surroundings. The mobile application can also analyse your fitness metrics like heart rate, give insight on your health and provide personalised workout-coaching, which is audio-enabled! Jabra Elite Sport costs INR 16,000.

Another recommendable option is Bose SoundSport Free. Tuned to receive seamless audio stream via bluetooth without quality compression, it delivers the sound output level expected from Bose products.

Bose SoundSport Free

Lightweight yet durable, sweat- and water-resistant earpods deliver five hours of battery life at one go. The case itself is a portable charging dock. Bose SoundSport Free costs INR 19,000.

Your bottle can tell if you are hydrated
Regular gym-goers commonly face the problem of carrying two separate bottles—one for water and the other for their protein shakes or mixes. Umoro’s One Shaker bottle comes as a solution with separate containers. The major portion holds water, while the other compartment, attached to the lid, holds up to 50ml of the mixture separately. At the press of a button, the mixture is released into the water to make the shake. This bottle costs around INR 1300 ($20).

The Umoro One shaker

Another interesting product is Mark One’s Prime Vessyl. This is a sensorised water bottle that can track the amount of water consumed and provide insight about your body’s hydration level through a smartphone application.

The Prime Vessyl

It costs about INR 4500 ($70).

Is your body-fat in check?
Skulpt is an innovative gadget to check your body’s muscle and fat content. It is a flat device, which can measure the fat of 24 different body parts. Just place it on your body part and it releases a weak current that does all the measurement.

The Skulpt system

Based on your fat and muscle definition, the proprietary mobile application configured on the device can also set specific training advices for you. It is available for about INR 6500 ($99) from the vendor’s website.

Smartwear for better fitness
There are a lot of options in wearables that almost completely eliminate the need for separate fitness gears. Shoes, socks or even full bodywears are coming in smart form factor to provide clear insight into your fitness metrics.

The Athos shirt

Athos, a fitness apparel startup, has brought forward a range of shirts, shorts and trousers that can give a complete view of your workout results. It puts special emphasis on your body muscles to determine real-time biometrics like muscle activity, calories burnt, duration of activity as well as heart rate. All these are detected by the sensors embedded throughout the fabric and transmitted through the Athos Core clutched to the garment using Bluetooth and displayed via a mobile application. It is compatible only with iOS and can be purchased for about INR 23,000 ($349) from Athos website.

The Sensoria socks

Sensoria socks are made of a smart fabric that can capture data related to walking or running, like cadence, distance covered, motion pattern and duration, and so on.

The top of socks is clutched using an electronic anklet, which transmits the captured data to a smartphone via bluetooth. The data can be viewed in real time on a proprietary mobile application.


Smart shoes are aplenty in the market. Under Armour offers a range of smart shoes, including HOVR that brings a lot of unique features in terms of profiling run and cycling sessions, workouts and motions. The shoe is made of soft fabric with a tender foam that keeps the foot comfortable. It costs around INR 7000 ($110).

Mijia smart shoe
The Mi band

Xiaomi has brought its own version of smart wearables in the form of a wrist-gear called Mi Band. The device consistently tracks your activities like number of steps and distance covered throughout the day, calories burnt and more. This data can also be viewed on your mobile through the respective mobile application. Mi-Band is a budget-friendly device that costs INR 1299.

Xiaomi has also developed its own brand of smart shoes. Made of a resistant yet flexible material, its Mijia Smart Shoes are anti-slip and comfortable. Additionally, these track all the fitness data quite accurately in real time, which can be viewed from the mobile application. Mijia Smart Shoes are priced around INR 4000 ($60).