Smart Wearable – to buy or not to buy?


I recently invested in a fitness band, which has made me conscious about my lifestyle choices more than ever. It doesn’t limit to the number of hours I work out, but rather extends to how I eat and what I eat. It helps me to decide between taking the elevator or the stairs. It makes me realise that just like each drop of water counts, each calorie matters. The result is amazing! I feel better, energetic and positive than ever before.
Sheer love for my fitness band led me to explore other such smart wearables available in the market. I was astonished at the options available, ranging from smart yet beautiful jewellery pieces to feature-packed watches and stud bands.

A new way to look at time
With the launch of Motorola 360 followed by Apple Watch and Samsung’s smart gear, a new wave of innovation is sweeping the watch market. These smartwatches with a touch screen allow you to not only manage your time smartly but also read e-mails and access important apps.


With the watch market abuzz over such offerings from tech companies, watch brands like Tag Heuer, Guess and our own homegrown Titan have also come up with a range of fashionable smart watches. Designer brands are also following suit.

Feel like Iron Man!

Google Glass

Google Glass makes your Iron Man dream come true. Using this, you could do away with a phone’s screen and just have the information projected directly onto your glasses. The first version was criticised for battery, streaming and privacy issues. Despite that, Google believes in the strength of the product and is working on an improved version of the same.

Dress smart
Activewear retailed by companies like Athos Gear, Heddoko and OMsignal are clothing with inbuilt biometrics that tell you about your workout regimen’s efficacy. These tell which muscles are being flexed and which ones are hardened, how your heart is beating, or how fast you are racing.

Microsensors have made smart apparel a reality. The dream of having invisible tech gadgets to help better our day-to-day lives is slowly unfolding into a beautiful undeniable truth.

—Nidhi Arora, executive editor, EFY