Staying Fit With A Smarter Touch

By Paromik Chakraborty


Weighing scales are commonly found in health-conscious households. Modern-day weighing scales, however, can do much more than just provide body-weight measurements. These can analyse all kinds of health data, including heart rate, body mass index (BMI), body fat content and more. Let us take a look at some such innovative smart scales, and the uniqueness these bring.

Budget-friendly and reliable: Mi Body Composition Scale

Mi has dived into the healthcare and fitness domain with smart products, like Mi Body Composition Scale. The lightweight smart scale runs on four AAA batteries. It turns on automatically as soon as it detects weight on it and displays the weight measurement on its small screen.

While standing on the scale, turning on Mi’s mobile application can display a gamut of other health metrics, such as heart rate, approximate water content, visceral fat volume, bone mass, basal metabolic rate as well as comparative analysis of these metric conditions over certain time periods.

The scale-to-smartphone connection is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Connectivity is smooth and quick. All these features are available at an attractive price of ₹ 1999 on

Mi Body Composition Scale
Fig. 1: Mi Body Composition Scale

The new entrant: Lenovo HS10 smart scale

HS10, Lenovo’s own smart scale, is one of their latest launches. The stylish and sturdy scale surface is made of military-grade tempered glass, which adds a glossy polished look to it. The digital scale runs on four AAA batteries, which can last up to six months. It can be set up via a smartphone application called Lenovo Healthy. The scale connects to the smartphone over Bluetooth.

While the inbuilt display only shows body weight measurements, a large array of other important health metrics (body fat content, water content, muscle and bone mass) can be accessed from the mobile application.

However, these additional readings may not be accurate—the device uses a dual electrode system for measurement—but still gives a good idea on the current physical health of the user. This handy smart scale is available online for ₹ 2499.

Lenovo HS10
Fig. 2: Lenovo HS10

Stylish and compact: Koogeek S1 smart health scale

Koogeek’s smart scale is another popular option in the market. The plastic body is covered with a reinforced glass on the top surface, giving it a sleek look. The display screen flares up in blue LED, giving it a stylish finish. Connectivity options include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

A major USP of Koogeek S1 is its customisable support for up to 16 different user accounts. Various metrics including body weight, BMI, fat percentage, hydration level and lean mass can be tracked and viewed on the proprietary mobile application. Progress comparisons are displayed on the application through graphs and dashboards.

Koogeek has another unique feature: baby weight measurement. In baby-measurement mode, adult users can weigh themselves first and then carry the baby and stand on the scale to find the total weight. The difference between the two readings gives the accurate weight of the baby. Koogeek S1 starts at US $ 65 (₹ 4450 approximately). It is available on, and can be delivered to India.

Koogeek S1
Fig. 3: Koogeek S1

The all-rounder: Nokia Body Plus

Nokia’s health product department has brought to us a versatile smart scale called Body Plus. The 32.5cm×32.5cm scale can accommodate a person of almost any foot size. An inbuilt LED screen displays body weight and BMI. Users can choose their own units of weight measurement (kilograms, pounds, etc). All configurations can be done using Health Mate application, which can be used by creating a Nokia Health Mate user account.

Apart from the aforementioned metrics, Body Plus also gathers data like heart rate, activity log, fat mass as well as room air quality, temperature and weather conditions. All such data is stored in the cloud, which can be accessed using Health Mate.

Comparison charts and analytics are available for measuring health improvements. Connection between the scale and the smartphone happens through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Nokia Body Plus comes with Pregnancy Mode feature, which enables specialised health tracking during pregnancy. It also has multi-user support. The product is available for € 99.95 (₹ 8000 approximately) on and other online stores.

Nokia Body Plus
Fig. 4: Nokia Body Plus

The premium one: QardioBase 2

Qardio, the global healthcare-tech organisation, offers its upgraded smart scale solution, known as QardioBase 2. The round-shaped weighing scale has a diameter of 34cm. It runs on a rechargeable battery, which has a running life of around 12 months. The battery can be charged with a cable through the microUSB port on the scale.

QardioBase 2 can be set up using Qardio application, which can store all essential health measurement data. Weight is displayed on the scale as well. The application allows a range of customisations, too, like disabling additional body metrics for users with medical implants (pacemakers and the like).

Multiple users of the family can use the same device by creating separate accounts. Each account can be customised as required. QardioBase 2 is available for US $149 (₹ 10,200 approximately).

There are many more smart scales from many other vendors available in the market. You can find other options by exploring further.