Godrej Appliances Forays into Air Cooler Category in India

  • Godrej Appliances has launched 17 semi-knocked down units of air coolers in India
  • The company is aiming to sale 1,00,000 units of air-coolers in 2020

Godrej Appliances has unveiled its first range of air-coolers in India. The company informed that these air-coolers feature air conditioner’s inverter technology.

“We have enhanced our portfolio with our foray into the air-cooler category with the new range of Inverter technology powered Godrej Air Coolers. India air cooler market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 20 per cent by 2022. Placing convenience and efficiency at the heart of its human-centric design, the air cooler range is packed with several convenience-oriented features, having multiple colour variants and capacities as per consumer needs to choose from. We look forward to delighting our consumers with the best possible innovative experience,” noted Sanjeev Jain, national sales head, Godrej Appliances.

The company confirmed that it is aiming to sell 1,00,000 units of these air-coolers in the first year. The long-term plans of Godrej Appliances include capturing 15 per cent market share of the air coolers market in the next five years.

Three categories launched

Godrej air-coolers range is broadly classified into three sub-categories – Inverter Series, Electronic Series and Mechanical Series. The company has launched each of the series in various colour variants including Wine Red, Light Grey, Blue, Purple, Dark Grey.

These air-coolers have been launched in capacities of 60L and 80L. The new Godrej air-cooler range consists of 17 models in various sizes and cooling capacities ranging in introductory price of Rs 12,300 to Rs 19,900. Godrej is offering one-year comprehensive warranty and additionally one-year on inverter fan motor.

“As an organization, Godrej has always endeavoured to give maximum product value to customers. We are constantly exploring, innovating and evolving with the single aim of delighting our customers with cutting-edge products and services that seek to make their lives brighter. Leveraging our cooling expertise, we are keen to extend our strengths into air-cooler category and embark on our journey towards growth with this benchmark worthy offering,” Kamal Nandi, business head and executive vice president, Godrej Appliances.

Copper wired microprocessor-enabled BLDC fan motor

Godrej’s first range of air-coolers with inverter technology has copper wired microprocessor-enabled BLDC (Brush Less DC) fan motor. The brand informed that these motors adjust the fan speed and pump operation as per the ambient temperature, aiding in energy efficiency.

The BLDC fan motor comes with 18-inch wide aerodynamic blades for better cooling. The advance design and contact-less magnetic movement enables lesser power consumption. The friction-less design also improves the fan’s life span and reduces noise considerably. Its specially designed circuit gives a wide operating voltage range (160V – 270V) that keep the air delivery constant even during high voltage fluctuations.

“In line with Godrej’s commitment to the environment, the brand has pioneered the inverter technology in air coolers, which ensures powerful cooling at higher efficiency with up to 50 per cent more power saving delivering savings of up to Rs 3,000 in three years,” read Godrej’s official statement.

With its revolutionary Inverter technology and delightful features, Godrej Air Coolers aims to make eco-friendly technologies within everyone’s reach, while bringing in ease and convenience to the consumers