Vu Technologies Not Pursuing But Open to Selling Stake: Report

  • Vu Technologies (Vu) has launched new range of smart TVs in India
  • The company has recently started selling TVs on Amazon’s e-commerce portal as well
  • Vu had reported revenues of Rs 1000 crore during the 2018-19 period

Vu Technologies has announced the launch of cinema range of TVs in India. Launched with 4K content capabilities, the company is retailing these at starting prices of Rs 26,999. Vu has launched these in 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch sizes.

A report published by the Economic Times (ET) quoted Devita Saraf saying that Vu will be able to hold on to its revenue of Rs 1,000 crore in 2018-19. The brand, as the report read, may also register a slight growth in terms of revenue during the current financial. Devita Saraf is the chairperson of Vu Technologies.

Devita Saraf, CEO, Vu, India (File Photo)

Not pursuing but open to selling stake

The same report also stated that Vu Technologies is open to selling stake. Vu Technologies, at the moment, is completely owned by the Saraf family. Devita Saraf said that if they do sell stake it would be to a strategic partner. She also mentioned that they are not looking for big capital investments as the brand is not a mass one.

Vu, till very recently, was retailing TVs through Flipkart in the online channel. However, it also started retailing these using Amazon’s e-commerce portal. Devita Saraf, while addressing the media at the Vu TVs launch in 2019, had said that Vu had surpassed Panasonic in terms of revenue from premium TVs segment. The company, as per Saraf, had made revenue worth Rs 1000 crores last year. She also pointed towards the fact that out of these 1000 crores revenue, 500 crores came from the business Vu did through Flipkart.

Vu sold more than 1,50,000 4K smart TV sets in second half of 2019

Vu Televisions, in 2019, had also stated that it had emerged as one of the market leaders in the large screen and 4K TVs market in India. The brand, as it informed, had experienced a 30 per cent YoY growth since its inception in India.

“This celebration of our leadership across the large size TV and the most sought-after 4K TV category is a testimony of our strong reach across a diverse segment of audiences and we’ll continue to innovate on this path of consumer centricity as we move forward,” Devita Saraf had earlier said.

Vu, as per the ET report is now exploring capabilities to make big-screen TVs in India. The company has been making TVs in the sub-40 inches category. However, owing to limited technology available, it has not been able to make big-screen TVs in India. Big-screen TVs, as per the report, form the bigger part of Vu’s business.