E-waste Report Says India Produces 82 per cent Personal Devices


About 50 million tonnes of electronics waste (e-waste) generation has been estimated and half of these include PCs, screens, smartphones, tablets and TVs

Global E-Waste Monitor, 2017, a report published by the United Nations University suggests that India generates electronics waste (e-waste) of about 2 million metric tonnes and of this, 82 per cent is covered by personal devices.

E-waste in India

A study conducted in 2017 projected a 21 per cent increase in the volume of electronics waste in the country. It further suggested that at this rate, e-waste from old computers and mobile phones would rise by 18 per cent and that from television sets and refrigerators would have a two-fold rise by 2020.

E-waste management rule

India’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) makes it compulsory to register and lay down the targets of the electronics and electrical manufacturers to manage the e-waste created and pave a user-to-recycler network. This updated e-waste management. Non-compliance of this norm has laid down a fine of maximum Rs. 1 lakh or five years imprisonment. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has provided the EPR for a five-year term to around 726 manufacturers.

India’s ranking in the top electronics waste producing nations is the fifth along with the US, China, Japan and Germany. A study conducted by ASSOCHAM-KPMG said that about 70 per cent computer equipment, 12 per cent telecom equipment and 7 per cent medical equipment contribute to India’s e-waste.


Experts have opined that lack of proper implementation of e-waste norms contribute to the rising e-waste in India. The absence of enhancing the process of electronics waste management has further added on to it.

About 50 million tonnes of e-waste has been estimated by the year-end globally. These include computers, screens, smartphones, tablets and TVs, with the remainder being larger household appliances and heating and cooling equipment.


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