Ottomate Steps into Smart Home Appliances Market in India


Ottomate claims to have a service network of more than 100 centers across India. The use of smart features in home appliances is on the rise

Pic source – Ottomate

Ottomate has announced the launch of its smart fans in India. Company’s first offering in the smart home appliances segment, it is claimed by the company that the range is equipped with Qualcomm‘s latest Bluetooth Low Energy chipset with CSRmesh.

Vishal Sehgal, CEO, Ottomate said, “At Ottomate, we leverage cutting-edge technology to innovate and reinvent simple appliances like fans, lights etc, so that your life at home can be easier, better and more exciting. Our Ottomate Smart Fan range will be smart, beautiful and affordable – making your home a more exciting and engaging place to live in.”

The company, for now, has unveiled Ottomate smart fan. Ottomate will be retailing it for a price tag of Rs 3,999 in India. Company’s website shows four different models of smart fans. It is to be noted here that Ottomate had first debuted as a company back in 2017.

Ottomate smart fan features

The company is claiming that its latest offering in the smart fan segment can be connected to smartphones or tablets via Ottomate app. Ottomate is also retailing a smart remote, but as a separate accessory.

Ottomate’s first smart fan in India features manual, Otto, breeze and turbo modes. While manual mode, as per the company allows users to set the fan speed as per their need, the Otto mode, puts fans on the automatic mode.

Ottomate claims to have a service network of more than 100 centers across India. It website claims that Qualcomm, ST, Texas Instruments and Toshiba as its technology partners. Ottomate’s product portfolio on its website also showcases exhaust and oscillating fans.