Panasonic to begin fridge production in India


Japanese electronics maker Panasonic will begin producing refrigerators in India tailored to meet rising local demand for the appliance.

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Panasonic India opened the plant in the country’s northern state of Haryana on Saturday.

The fridge features a large drawer for vegetables with humidity control, as well as shelves for spice containers. Many people in India are vegetarians and often eat curry. The model will go on sale in April.

Only about 20 percent of households in India have refrigerators. But the market has been expanding at an annual pace of roughly 10 percent and is predicted to grow further.

Panasonic sees the market as strategically important. It has already begun making and selling air conditioners and washing machines in India.

Current leaders in the market are South Korean manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and LG.

The chief of Panasonic’s home appliance division, Tetsuro Homma, said the company will continue to develop products that will be loved by consumers in India, reported NHK World.