Sound One Launches Detachable Bluetooth Earphone in India

  • The company says it wants to give users the option to customize earphones
  • The earphones gives 10 hours play time at 60-70 per cent volume as per Sound One
Sound One Detachable earphone ( pic credit- Amazon)

Hong Kong based company Sound One has launched detachable Bluetooth earphones in India. It will sell the newly launched earphone at a price of Rs 1,690 through online channels Amazon and Flipkart.

Rohit Jain, co-founder said “As a brand we always feel the need to understand the consumers requirement. Our focus is more on R&D and be innovative. These earphones have been designed to give Indian consumers more value for money and freedom of customizing the earphones as they require. We hope to satisfy the Indian consumer with more innovative and quality products in the future as well.”

Removable ear plugs with two detachable cables

The earphones come with a pair of removable ear plugs with two detachable cables. The earphone can be used in two modes -wireless Bluetooth and wired cable. The earphone comes with a 3.5 mm jack cable that has an aluminium coating inside for longer durability says Sound One.

Sound One claims the device gives 10 hours play time at 60-70 per cent volume and eight hours on full volume as the earphone comes with a 110mAh battery. On the connectivity side, it supports Bluetooth 5.0.

Water resistant with IPX5 rating

According to the company, the battery of the earphone is  on one side and the controls on the other side. This balances the weight behind the neck. Sound One is selling the earphones with a one-year warranty. As per Sound One, the earphones are designed for HD experience. The earphones are water resistant with IPX5 rating.

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