Zakk Launches Bluetooth Speakers in India


Zakk is owned by Dubai based Kamon International. It has launched three Bluetooth speakers in India

Zakk has announced the launch of its Woodstock wireless Bluetooth speakers in India. The Dubai-based consumer electronics company is retailing these wood and leather finish speakers at a price of Rs 4,999 in the country. Zakk said that its latest speaker will be available on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, and offline stores.

Zakk founder and CEO, Anuj Chokra, said “The ZAKK Woodstock Bluetooth Speaker is a compact, stout-hearted hero with a well-balanced audio which boasts a clear midrange and extended highs for a sound that is both articulate and pronounced. The premium leather and hardwood finish on this speaker brings the old-school retro vibes back into modern times. So, turn on, tune in and drop out.”

The company has also launched Zakk Lounge and Zakk Party speakers in India. It is retailing the former at a price tag of Rs 3,999, while the latter is available for Rs 3,799. It is to be noted here that Zakk brand is owned by Dubai based Kamon International.

Zakk Woodstock wireless Bluetooth speaker features

This latest Zakk Woodstock speaker comes equipped with dual-12W speakers, built-in mic and a sub-woofer. Zakk claims that the leather and wood finish brings back old-school retro vibes into the 21st century.

Zakk has equipped these speakers with a 2200 mAh batter. The company claims that this battery lasts for eight days on a single charge. One full charge, as per the company takes three to four hours.

Zakk Lounge, on the other hand offers a 10-metre Bluetooth range with up to eight hours playtime. Zakk has equipped it with a 2000 mAh battery. The Zakk Party speaker is powered by Bluetooth 4.0.