OMRON Announces Smart Camera with Innovative-Automotion Technology


OMRON’s smart camera is equipped with innovative-automation technology to enhance productivity and quality control in the manufacturing industry

OMRON FHV7 Smart Camera
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Consumer electronics major OMRON has announced the launch of FHV7 smart camera that is dubbed as the world’s first multi-colour light and 12-megapixel high-resolution camera for the manufacturing sector. The company, with its new product, has entered the high-performance smart cameras segment by targeting manufacturers to adopt the advanced vision inspection device.

Smart Camera

The smart camera is equipped with a multi-colour light and an autofocus lens that can respond flexibly to colour changes and size of objects to be inspected. This, in turn, eliminates the need for special skills for camera installation and adjustment to cater for different products and inspection criteria during the manufacturing process. It also has a high-speed image compression algorithm that compresses inspection images at double the regular speed, enabling all image data to be saved even during measurement and allowing complete traceability in production processes.

Innovative-automation technology

The case volume of the FHV7 Series is one-quarter that of OMRON’s leading model, the FH-series Sensor Controller, but it offers the same level of image-processing capacity. The company’s high-precision image-processing technology has been integrated with compact, high-speed, high-resolution camera design technology provided by OMRON SENTECH.

OMRON’s smart camera has set forth another concept called “innovative-Automation” comprising innovations – integrated (control evolution), intelligent (development of intelligence by ICT), and interactive (new harmonization between people and machines). With this, it aims to accelerate “innovative-Automation” together with its client companies and continues to pursue remarkable enhancements in productivity and quality control for the manufacturing industry. In other words, it has committed to bringing innovation to manufacturing sites by materializing this concept.

Smart camera features

The FHV7 smart camera offers an inspection of various products with the help of a single camera. Its multi-colour light provides a quick solution to the issue of measuring different colours. When the product design is changed, or a new model is added, one can simply change a parameter instead of replacing or fine-tuning lights. Its image sensor with a maximum of 12 megapixels enables high-precision inspections for wider areas, reducing the design work and component costs.

The autofocus lens eliminates the need for a mechanism for moving the camera, reducing design work and component costs. The camera’s modular structure for a wide range of applications allows one to freely combine the lens and light with the camera. Its dual-core CPU provides the fastest image-processing speed among smart cameras, four times faster than the previous speed.