Fanzart Launches Ceiling Fan For Kids Rooms

  • Fanzart is retailing these fans through online as well as offline sales channels in India
  • The company informed that this fan performs stably during power fluctuations

Fanzart has announced the launch of Rainbow ceiling fan in India. Priced Rs 11,000, the company is retailing it via its official website, Amazon and Fanzart stores.

“Add a little fun and colour to your child’s room with the unique ceiling fan for kids room! The product is available in any of Fanzart’s stores at pan India level, or online on Fanzart website, as well as on Amazon,” read Fanzart’s official statement.

Last year Fanzart had announce the release of a fan named Baby Venus. It is a retractable blade LED ceiling fan where the dome can be screen printed to place designs as well as photos.

Rainbow Ceiling Fan, Fanzart

A combination of fan and lights

This fan, as informed by the company, pushes maximum air circulation and offers silent operation. With 1066 mm, sweep, the fans with its powerful motor, enables low power consumption. The company informed that this fan performs stably during low voltage and power fluctuations as well.

Fanzart’s official statement read, “The designer fan also comes with the unique summer – winter feature, that sets the fan to reverse-mode, where it rotates anti-clockwise direction for a cool breeze, and clockwise direction for a warm cozy air effect for winter comfort.”

It continued, “The Rainbow comes as a duo along with its companion product Sunshine, a fan that is similar to Rainbow, but the LED lights below the fan are in the shape of the Sun. The 42-inch ceiling fan nicely fits into any smaller playrooms and comes with the special hand-painted wooden reversible, dual colour wooden blades in a delightful rainbow colouring scheme, with bright colours on one side of the blade and pastels on the other side – giving you options on how brightly you want the aesthetics.”