Samsung Launches Five-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

  • Samsung informed that this launch is based on 2020 energy rating guidelines
  • The company plans to utilise all sales channels to retail these in India

Samsung has announced the launch of India’s first five-star direct cool single door refrigerator lineup based on new 2020 star-ratings. The company informed that these will be retailed starting First January 2020 at prices starting from Rs 17,990.

“With the latest BEE norms coming into effect, we expect consumer focus to further shift towards energy efficient products. We are launching India’s first five-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 198 liter lineup based on the new 2020 Star Ratings. The new refrigerators also come equipped with ‘Make for India’ features to address the needs of Indian consumers,” stated Raju Pullan, senior vice president, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

Solar power compatibility

The Korea-based consumer electronics giant has equipped these compressors that are based on the digital inverter technologies. Samsung informed that these also feature solar power compatibility. “The new refrigerators adhere to the latest BEE guidelines and regulations, increasing cost saving potential for consumers,” read Samsung’s official statement.

It continued, “The new lineup comes with 10-year warranty on the compressor and digital inverter technology with stabilizer free operations. A solution to long power cuts, the model comes equipped with digital inverter technology allowing the refrigerator to run on a home inverter with reduced power consumption. The refrigerator can also be connected to solar power, contributing to energy conservation, in line with the government’s efforts to promote solar power.”

Samsung Electronics made Rs 73,085.9 crore revenue from the Indian markets during financial year 2019 (FY19). These figures represent a jump of over 19 per cent in its yearly revenue earning figures in comparison to financial year 2018.

Interestingly, despite the increase in revenue figures, Samsung’s net profit figures fell by 58 per cent. When compared to net profit figures of more than Rs 3717 crores in FY 2018, Samsung’s net profit in FY 2019, was a margin above the Rs 1540 crore mark.