DealsDray launches DYLECT, An In-house Electronics Consumer Brand

  • The company has planned to retail the newly launched TVs on Amazon and their website
  • The smart TVs are equipped with LG IPS Screen Panel

DealsDray announced the launch of its in-house consumer electronics brand, DYLECT. The brand launches with DYLECT HD Smart TV 32IPS201 and DYLECT LED TV 32IPS30H.

The high-tech innovation used is said to enable clear picture quality, exceptional contrasts and industry leading bass sounds and a sharp treble. The company also claims that the televisions are a perfect amalgamation of technology, functionality and art. 

Mr. Anuj Bhati, Founder of DealsDray and DYLECT said “With the launch of DYLECT, we aim at becoming a leading provider of consumer electronics by perpetually innovating and providing consumers with quality products to suit their needs. The products are budget-friendly, feature-packed and Made in India for the Indian consumer. The products are designed with a convenient and easy to grasp interface keeping the user – experience and technical innovation at the forefront.”


Paired with 12WX2 speakers HD IPS display, along with dual core CPU and Quad-Core GPU is what the DYLECT HD Smart TV boasts about. It also supports Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and other apps for sports, gaming, education and lifestyle. Speaking of display, the IPS LED display provides users with crystal clear picture and Hugh colour accuracy. The LG IPS Screen Panel adds precise viewing angles and black uniformity to ensure a remarkable experience. 

Built-in web browser 

The device has a sleek and elegant design featuring robust picture quality. Speaking of entertainment, the smart TV is easily connectable to the Wi-Fi/LAN connections. The built-in web browser feature eases the task of browsing web content, watching videos or photo slideshow. Apart from this, Dylect has also crafted a way to project smartphone screens on the smart TVs. 

The simultaneous screen sharing is a useful aid as it gives one the liberty to share content with everyone across the room. On the other hand the Dylect LED TV 321PS30H is equipped with LG IPS Screen Panel and 1336 x 768 pixels to give HD panoramic view. 

Designed to be highly energy efficient, DYLECT TV comes with 4 star rating and runs on very low power consumption, with a typical power consumption of 45 watts that would enable high definition enjoyment.