Huawei Drops Another Hint About Entering the TV Market?


Huawei and Tencent have collaborated in the video streaming services vertical. Earlier reports had said that Huawei may be getting ready to ship an 8K resolution 5G TV

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China based Huawei has signed an streaming services agreement with Tencent. Signed at the ongoing 7th China Internet Audio & Video Convention held in Chengdu, capital of southwestern Sichuan Province, this agreement will allow the two sides to achieve inter-working accounts, work on collaborative operations and shared technologies on their video platforms.

Xinhua reported ,”According to the deal, the two sides will achieve inter-working accounts, collaborative operations and shared technologies on their video platforms.”

Huawei’s plans to enter TV market

Nikkei had earlier this month published a report that Huawei is soon entering the global TV market. Citing sources, Nikkei had pointed towards Huawei’s Plans to start shipping an 8K resolution TV equipped with 5G networking technology.

It is to be noted here that Huawei is not a stranger in the TV market at all. Though it does not manufacture or sell its own branded TVs, it does design, develop and manufacture TV chipsets via Hisilicon Technologies chip arm. In fact, Huawei is the second largest provider of TV chipsets in the world. Interestingly, TV chipsets are one of the most important parts in a TV.

Huawei has been facing stron headwinds after US banning it from doing business in America. Still, it might not be difficult for the manufacturer to source 8K panels from its China-based counterparts. There is a strong possibility that Huawei may also source these panels from Samsung.

Huawei video app and Tencent connection

Users who have Huawei Video app installed on their devices, as per the new partnership, will now have a smoother experience of HD and quality streaming from Tencent Video app. Huawei Video will also share its AI enhancement and high-performance audio and video technologies with Tencent.

Sun Zhonghuai, CEO of Penguin Pictures and VP, Tencent Holdings, mentioned that the cooperation would help Tencent’s video resources to reach Huawei’s end-users. Interestingly, video streaming has become one of the most important aspects of a smart TV.

“Huawei is committed to an inclusive, win-win innovation ecosystem and is willing to become the amplifier and accelerator of its partners worldwide, said Zhang Ping’an, president of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service,” read the report by Xinhua.