Huawei Releases New Smart Office Product for Remote Collaboration

  • The productivity tool claims to have a built-in app gallery
  • As reported by Huawei, the tool is one of the first of its kind to enter the market

Chinese technology giant Huawei launched its next generation IdealHub series intelligent endpoint for all scenario smart office ecosystem, aiming to improve efficiency for enterprises, especially remote collaboration during social distancing.Huawei IdeaHub is a productivity tool developed by the company to create an all-scenario smart office in this cloud era. 


Offering multiple functions, including multi screen collaborations between mobiles and PC’s, interactive whiteboard, remote collaboration, FHD video conferencing and built-inn HD AppGallery, the productivity tool integrates intelligent end point. 

The company also informed that it could be installed on a mobile stand or a wall in a variety of environments, including enterprise conference rooms, open office and even home office rooms. Various similar products have been used in scenarios such as remote conferencing and telemedicine, in order to facilitate communication and collaboration during the pandemic, and to protect frontline staff from being exposed to risks.