Oneplus Begins Smartphone Export from India: ET Report

  • As mentioned to Economic Times, OnePlus might soon enter the services space
  • OnePlus is the market  leader in the premium smartphone segment segment
OnePlus 6

According to a report by the Economic Times, OnePlus has started to export smartphones manufactured in India to US and other western markets. The company also plans to make India its manufacturing hub according to its co-founder as reported by the Economic Times.

Carl Pei, cofounder of OnePlus in an interview with Economic times has commented that 2019 has been the best year for OnePlus in India. He also said that as the ecosystem becomes more and more developed for manufacturing in the country, there will be a good chance for the company to invest in India.

Leader in premium smartphone segment

According to Counterpoint Research. OnePlus is a leader in the market in the above Rs 30,000 range with a 43 per cent share followed by Samsung and Apple. Recently, OnePlus has ventured in the smart TV segment with the launch of OnePlus TV.

Pei informed Economic Times that OnePlus has put up SMT lines for the volumes it has projected this year and has also started exporting OnePlus 7 Pro made in India to western markets. When asked by the Economic Times if the company has any plans to invest in startups or third-party service providers, Pei informed that though he is personally doing angel investments, but nothing of such is going on at the company level. Pei also mentioned that OnePlus might be entering the services sector and might announce more services and features.

Neil Shah, research director of market research firm Counterpoint Technologies informed the Economic Times that OnePlus might be following Apple’s strategy as Apple has seen its service revenues jump to $11 billion per quarter. He also mentions that OnePlus has same access to premium base in the Android segment as well as more opportunity.

Shah also informed the Economic Times that if compared to Xiaomi, content play is an area where OnePlus scores over Xiaomi. He also mentioned OnePlus may look to develop accessories for phones that would work with the next versions of smart TV.