Oppo Quickest in After-sales Service Delivery: Counterpoint Research

  • This study by Counterpoint revolved around efficiency of the service centers run by smartphone brands
  • It revealed that three out of four visitors get their smartphone repaired in a day

Smartphone service centers in India carry out repairs and return it to users within a day for roughly three out of four visitors, according to findings of Counterpoint’s Consumer Lens Study. Typically, users visit service centers for issues related to display, software, charging, and sound.

“After-sales services have become a key factor to influence the purchase decision for users buying new smartphones. With brands now expanding their channel strategy, having a strong after-sales service will play a major role, not only in targeting repeat buyers but also for ensuring loyal and happy customers,” informed Tarun Pathak, associate director, Counterpoint Research.

Service Center Efficiency Study, Counterpoint Research

Oppo quickest in after-sales service delivery

China-based Oppo, as per the report, is the quickest in after-sales service delivery with 51 per cent of the issues fixed within an hour. Wait time was the lowest for Oppo’s service centers, both for submission and collection. Three in every four visitors had to wait for less than 30 minutes to resolve their issues, while one in two visitors had to wait for less than 30 minutes to collect their devices.

“In our study, Oppo led this segment by becoming a leading brand in smartphone after-sale service delivery, which includes submission, turnaround time, and collection of devices at its service centers. This is likely to help Oppo to increase its mind share within its target group in terms of overall after-sales services in India,” added Tarun Pathak.

Parameters that indicate the efficiency of the service center engineer

Resolution of issues at the first go and the least number of visits required for the same issue, as per Counterpoint, are the two main parameters that indicate the efficiency of the service center engineer in correctly diagnosing a problem and providing resolution. This is directly proportional to timely training provided to service engineers for keeping them updated with knowledge of the latest model’s software and hardware variations.

It helps them accelerate fault diagnosis and complaint resolution. Oppo emerged as the leader with 85 per cent of current visitors getting their issues resolved. Xiaomi and Vivo tied for the second rank in this metric.

Once the product is out of warranty, the service costs can quickly escalate and affect the overall customer satisfaction. Almost 31 per cent of all smartphones submitted were out of warranty, and most of these respondents paid for the spare parts required. In most cases, respondents found it to be cost-effective.

The report read, “Language localisation is an important factor when it comes to providing after-sale customer support. After further research on customer support, we concluded that Xiaomi has ten language support, where Oppo has nine language support provided by its hotline call centers. The other two leading brands Samsung and vivo support four and two languages respectively.”

Opportunity for brands to promote their services

There is a huge untapped opportunity for brands to promote their services, like extended warranty, and selling smartphone accessories to existing users during their service visit. Xiaomi, as per the report, took the lead in the promotional offers, as more than half of the respondents received promotional offers from this brand.

Pavel Naiya, senior analyst at Counterpoint Research said, “The customer satisfaction parameter depends on multiple factors. In this study, we also found that the satisfaction level highly correlates with interpersonal skills of service center staff. Vivo led in this metric with more than eight in ten respondents rating the behavior of the service center representatives as very good and above. Oppo and Samsung closely follow Vivo, while Xiaomi is a distant fourth.”