Mercedes-Benz Taking Careful Approach Towards EVs in India: Report

  • Mercedes-Benz is working on an all-electric G-Class wagon
  • The company will have 10 pure electric vehicles on a global scale by 2022
Image for representation (pic credit- Mercedes Benz)

According to a report by the Economic times, luxury car-maker Mercedes-Benz India is taking a careful approach on the launch of electric vehicles (EVs) in the country as per  a top official of the company. The company believes that EV industry is still in a nascent state in India.

The report says that, Martin Schwenk, CEO and managing director, Mercedes-Benz India said that from the infrastructure side, there is scope for improvement and the customer-demand for EVs is not very high in India. He also added that at the global level, the company will have 10 pure electric vehicles by 2022.

Schwenk further added that the company will also look at plug-in hybrids specifically for countries like India. The EV market in India is in a nascent stage and lot of learning needs to happen across the country from the government, customers, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) perspective according to Schwenk.

All-electric G-class wagon

On a global front, Mercedes-Benz is working on an all-electric G-Class wagon according to media reports. The report say that Ola Kallenius, chairman of Daimler and head of Mercedes-Benz said that the company is investing more than ten billion euros in the development of the EQ vehicle portfolio alone.

EQ is an upcoming family of battery electric vehicles to be manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. He also added that the company will be electrifying the entire Mercedes-Benz portfolio. The customers will have a choice of at least one electric alternative in every Mercedes‑Benz model series taking the total to 50 overall as per Kallenius.