Apple iPhone 12 Might Support China’s BeiDou Navigation

  • Apple is currently in the process of debugging iPhone 12’s performance and compatibility
  • LG Display would be supplying 20 million OLED displays for the 6.1 inch iPhone 12
  • Apple is also aiming to diversify its supplier and reduce its dependency on Samsung reportedly

Despite the ongoing US China trade war, it has been revealed in a report that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 would support China’s Beidou navigation system. The US-China trade war has become intense since months, and the former country is leaving no stone unturned to cut the latter’s winds. 

The company has already claimed to be moving its iPhone and other production manufacturing units out of China. This will also lead to a loss of huge market in future. The news has been reported by BeiDou spokesperson and director of the China Satellite Navigation Office, Ran Chengqi. He said “Apple will use the BeiDou navigation system sooner or later…”. It has been added that Apple is currently in the process of debugging iPhone 12’s performance and compatibility, and that one of the tests is for Beidou compatibility as well.

Covering over 200 countries 

It is being tested for the first time and that too when the US-China trade war is intensifying. This is definitely being looked forward by Chinese market as this has reportedly been their biggest complaint since years. So far, iPhone 11 series has been featuring a GPS receiver, plus A-GPS, with GLONASS, GALILRO and QZSS support. If the upcoming iPhone gets Beidou support, it would be able to cover 200 countries and millions of more users. 

Apple is announced to launch four iPhones under its iPhone 12 series this year around September. It has also been revealed that a couple of iPhone models could be released at a later date.