Flipkart Launches Top Load and Front Load Washing Machines in India

  • Six washing models introduced through Flipkart’s private label MarQ
  • Flipkart sells washing machines made by other consumer electronic companies as well

Flipkart, one of India’s top e-commerce portals has launched two variants of fully-automatic washing machines and four variants of fully-automatic top load washing machines in India. The e-commerce portal is retailing these through its own online portal. It is to be noted here that Flipkart retails consumer electronics made by many other brands in India as well.

The two variants of front-load washing machines include a 10.2-kg washing machine priced at Rs 26,999 and a front load washer+dryer combo washing machine priced at Rs 31,999. The four top load variants of the washing machines owned by Walmart include a 6.5-kg, an 8.5-kg, a eight kg and a 10.2-kg machines. Flipkart has priced these at Rs 11,499, Rs 15,999, Rs 14,999 and Rs 17,999, respectively.

Leveraging the reach of its e-commerce portal?

Flipkart was one of the first e-commerce portals in India to foray into the consumer electronics category through its own private label. While Croma and Reliance have been doing the same in their offline stores, Flipkart has first introduces MarQ as its private consumer electronics label in India.

The e-commerce portal that was brought by Walmart not to long ago directly competes against Amazon e-commerce portal in India. These two are known to be the biggest players in e-commerce retail space in the country. It might not be difficult for Flipkart to pitch its latest washing machines to consumers looking to buy washing machines through online channels.

95 per cent dry clothes

Flipkart e-commerce portal claims that its latest MarQ branded top load washing machines wash and deliver clothes in 95 per cent dry state. It is to be noted here that till recently, only 70 per cent dry state was achievable through washing and drying. However, a lot of companies have now started retailing washing machines that can deliver clothes with up to 98 per cent dry levels.

Marq’s latest washing machines also come equipped with Auto Balance technology, which, as per Flipkart, helps keep clothes tangle free. Flipkart will be providing service for these washing machines through its service arm company Jeeves.