Google is Launching a 10-inch Smart Screen in India Soon: Report

  • This will be Google’s biggest offering in the smart consumer electronics market
  • Google might price it upwards of $200 in international markets
Google Nest Hub Max

First announced at Google’s last annual developer conference, Nest Hub Max will be officially unveiled in the month of September this year. 9to5Google reported that the launch date has been updated on one of Google’s support pages.

Google at the time of its last annual developer conference had said, “We’re introducing Nest Hub Max, the first product from our newly-formed team. Nest Hub Max has all the things you love about Nest Hub (formerly Google Home Hub). It has a digital photo frame powered by Google Photos and the home view dashboard, which gives you full control of your connected device. With our new display, you’ll get a bigger 10-inch HD screen and a smart camera that helps you keep an eye on your home and keep in touch with family and friends. Nest Hub Max is specifically designed for those shared places in the home where your family and friends gather.”

Interestingly, this was also the first time that Google had reffered to its range of smart devices as Google Nest products. Before this conference Google’s smart products were known as Google Home Hub. This will also be the first time that Google will be introducing Google Nest Hub Max in India for the first time.

10-inch display

The yet to be launched Google Nest Hub Max features a 10-inch display, a built-in camera and a three inch woofer. It is rumored that Google will be retailing the Nest Hub Max at a price of $229.

Google official statement read, “Whenever you walk in front of the camera, Nest Hub Max recognizes you and shows just your information, not anyone else’s. So in the morning, when you walk into the kitchen, the Assistant knows to greet you with your calendar, commuting details, the weather, and other information you need to start your day. And when you get home from work, Hub Max welcomes you home with reminders and messages that have been waiting for you. The Assistant offers personalized recommendations for music and TV shows, and you can even see who left you a video message.”

It continued, “Per our privacy commitments, there’s a green light on the front of Hub Max that indicates when the camera is streaming, and nothing is streamed or recorded unless you explicitly enable it. In addition, you have multiple controls to disable camera features like Nest Cam, including a hardware switch that lets you physically disable the microphone and camera.”

These statements were issued at the time of Google’s annual developer conference. The tech giant had also said that Nest Hub Max will be available in the U.S. for $229 on the Google Store and at Best Buy, Target, Home Depot and more. It’ll also be available in the UK for £219 and in Australia for AUS$349.